Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Ten New Questions to Ask God
by Terri Marie

What if I could totally believe you?
"You do believe. You believe underneath 
everything that covers up your faith. 
You can believe even more with the 
vast amounts of faith you came here with. 
Trust that I am here for you. 
You are my descendant after all." 
-- God

What if there was more than enough for everyone?
"There is more than enough on the planet 
to serve everyone's needs, desires and wants. 
How could I not have created a perfect place 
to serve you?" God stated.

What if everyone could be billionaires?
"Why not? God sighed
"I'm not stopping you."

What if I were perfect? 
What if everyone was perfect?
 "You are," God emphasized. 
"They are too," God insisted.

What if I were loved as much as I needed to 
be so I never worried about losing anyone's love again?

"How can you lose what you are made of," 
God said. "Love is your very essence."

What if I were loved as much as the farthest star?

"You are as close to me as any star. 
You are as close as my heart. 
I carry you with me everywhere. 
You are mine forever. 
How could I not love you?
God replied.

What if our health was perfect?

"You are exquisite specimens of jubilant creation. 
You are endless bright beacons of light 
stuffed into human bodies to learn to love 
yourself, life and others." God said.

What if we lived forever?

"You do. That's who you are.
-- God

What if we got second, third and fourth chances?
"I will give you as many chances as you choose to take. 
Second to the infinity power chances and 
then even more than that,
God declared. 

What if you would never leave?
"I am always with you," God said. 
"You are my best creation."  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry on!

It was at the Sedona Women Meeting that a woman
brought up the Cheer that was used during World War I
I by the British to combat Germany's propaganda machine
and the fear that was starting to build in the country.

That little cheer was put on a poster and printed with a red background and white ink.
The British royal crown graced the top. It read "Keep Calm and Carry on."
While there weren't a lot of these posters printed at the time,
this powerful little message was a great antidote to the fear that
was rampant in 1939 before England was invaded by Hitler.
 It is beautiful in its simplicity and its faith.
The message - We shall endure.
Have faith.
Keep moving into life.

Here are three simple ways to keep the faith and stay calm. 

1. Focus on What's Right in Front of You.
 Fear likes to project out into the future.
That makes Fear even bigger and more powerful.
If at this moment you are safe, then you ARE safe.
The task at hand is the only thing you need to give your attention to.

2. Find Something to Immediately Be Grateful for.
Thankfulness reminds us that there is still good around us.
The more we build on that energy of goodness, the calmer we will feel.

3. Breathe!

Not just the unconscious breathing we usually do,
but the deep full rich breaths of life.
Life that is continually flowing through us.
Your breath connects you to all life.
The calmness you feel and release through your breath
will help calm down the rest of the world too as well as yourself.
You will be doing the whole world a big favor when you
breath the energy of calm. Today there is a great deal of fear.
Fear of what the future will bring in worldwide situations,
in financial and economic events and in our own personal lives.
We must face that fear with grace and choose to keep
going through it as if it doesn't exist. Fear grows by
attention and shrinks by action and faith.
Today this is a great message for all of us to remember.

Today my wish for you is Keep Calm and Carry On

The power of faith and focus!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Abundance Tip: How To Get Rid of Envy

Is there any envy hidden in your money closet?
Are there place where you just feel someone else doesn't deserve
the prosperity you see them enjoying?
Do you feel smarter than many of the people you know who are wealthy?
Do you feel you are a very good person who works to help make the world
better, yet other people seem to receive more abundance than you?
If any of the above statements ring true,
it's time for you to wake up financially.

You see, there is actually a very short answer to all of the above statements.
What is it?
This simple truth:
Your abundance has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else.
It is between you and your Creator alone.
No one but you can put prosperity thoughts in your mind.
No one but you can put poverty thoughts in your mind.
No one but you can take those thoughts out.

Other people who have created abundance in their life are to be commended,
not envied, despised or ridiculed -
unless you choose to stay away from True Abundance.
I'm assuming that's not why YOU'RE here.
You're here because you want to live a full, rich, prosperous life.
You're here because you want to experience the grandest adventure you can while on this blue abundant planet.
You want to make the world a better and wealthier place for everyone.
You are here because you are part of the answer.
You are one of the ones destined for True Abundance.
Because you came here with the intent to be of grand service.

Beneath any envy of someone else's wealth lies one of several reasons:

Self-Worth issues:
You feel "I'm not as good (smart, talented, you name it) as they are"
Answer. YES YOU ARE!

Self-Respect Issues:
You think others must be lucky or destined for success.
Answer. Yes, they are. But...so are you.

Self-Empowerment Issues:
You don't know what to do to create Abundance so you are jealous of what others have.
Answer. You have Abundant power within. Every bit as much as the wealthiest person in the world.

When you can look at the Abundance of others and realize, they created it,
and you can too...
an amazing calmness comes over you.
There can be no jealousy when you feel equally as worthy of wealth as anyone else.
There is no longer any competition.
You realize that creating wealth is not a competitive event.
It is a choice.
And with your own choice, come a deep contentment.
Now when you see the abundance of others, there will be a knowing smile on your face.
The pain of envy will be removed by the joy of knowing the truth about prosperity.

Your Abundance Affirmation:
"I am content with the abundance of others."

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"5 Cheering Strategies to Help You Through the Holidays!"

Here are "5 Great Cheering Strategies to Help You Through the Holidays." These strategies are all adapted from the book by Terri Marie, "Your Inner Cheerleader.".

In a nutshell, the short Christmas Rush version is:

1. Start the Season with a Big Kick-Off.
Do you really celebrate the start of the winter holiday season with a noteworthy and memorable event of any kind? Or do you just slide into it? Sliding into a holiday can be a disaster. You'll feel better if you give yourself a distinct starting point - a Christmas Game Kick off - in fact that's a great idea. Have some sort of ceremony or little ritual that sets the season in motion. Put the intent out there for what you want to experience. See that result. Whether you do this through sitting quietly with music and a candle or have a bunch of friends over to sing and dance (kind of what like the Native Americans do) - celebrate the start of Christmas. It will make the end and the whole journey there so much more precious.

2. "Negative Christmas Cheers" work just as well as positive ones but Christmas Cheerleaders don't use them.
Don't tell yourself or especially others (and spread the fear) how stressed you are, overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed or worried about the holidays. (I am equally guilty of this my friends. Why do you think I wrote this book?) Negative thoughts are certainly going to pop up during Christmas but burst those negative cheers with an onslaught of Christmas cheer. Cheers like "Isn't it wonderful we have Christmas to celebrate?" Isn't this a beautiful time of the year?" "Look at how excited children are. How can I be more like that and spread joy?" There are a million wonderful Christmas cheer thoughts floating around. Turn your receiver on to hear them.

3. Build lots of positive energy. Here are two ideas to build more positive Christmas energy. One of the ways is the extreme mood changer of music. Of all music, I believe Christmas Music is generally the most positive, uplifting, cheery and poignant of all music. I love the Nutcracker Suite and so many other great pieces of Christmas heart touching music.

Another idea to build more positive energy is Giving. Where can you give this Christmas? Nothing with fill your heart faster than true heartfelt giving. Not obigational giving, but heart-urged giving. That is a secret of the meaning of all life.

4. Remember it's Just a Game. Remember it's Just a Holiday. Put it in perspective. All moments are equally valuable in life. In a month this will all be over. And then that new, fresh, never-lived-before moment should be special.

5. After the Game - Celebrate! When Christmas is done and over, have a celebration too. Do you really celebrate all your preparation, game time and the big plays you made during the holiday games? Try it. Raise the cheer again. Look back on the season. Mark the high points, the struggles. Laugh about them. Toast the entire Game of Christmas. You are part of all the love. Never forget that!

And so in the spirit of the holiday...
Hip Hip Hooray Christmas!
Hip Hip Hooray all other Winter holidays!
Hip Hip Hooray You!
Hip Hip Hooray Everyone!
And not least of all... Hip Hip Hooray God!

You have permission if you include the entire article (no edits) leave the links active and
include the following byline:
Br ought to you by Terri Marie
CEO White Wing Entertainment,
Award-Winning Producer and Author

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Strategy Session For Manifesting the "Big Vision" for your Life and Business

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Special Gift?
Do you want to save years of trial and error?
Is it your time to shine bright with a clear and focused vision?
Once your vision gets really clear, doors to your special gift will open.

Do You Feel A Calling to Your Big Dream?
Whether it's getting you ready for a new book launch,
or be a star in your next radio interview,
or help determine your gift in this life,
you will finally discover what it takes to be successful in your quest.
You will inspire other people to want to work with you.
Make your Big Dream a reality with a session today!

In your 1 hr. session I will use the strategies I have used
to get meetings with famous
directors, Olympic champions
and big studios executives.
You will get the strategies that have helped my clients
attract over 6 figures for their businesses.
These potent strategies also helped me produce over 30 documentaries.

Just as I make and design a film to be a visually stunning creation
that causes a change in the viewer in 90 minutes or less,
a strategizing session will empower you to set the intent
of your new venture. so your idea can go out into the
world manifesting the result you set up

On this call, we will create the plan, the vision, the motivation,
and most importantly the action steps so you can
step across the line into your unique destiny.

Imagine how good you'll feel when you clearly see the
beliefs that have held you back
. Some of these beliefs are
old and comfortable, others are uneasy and challenging,
while still other beliefs are those other people have "given" you.

What you need to understand is that all these beliefs are
something YOU control
When you receive and use easy to implement strategies
that work specifically for you, you'll start to get the results
you've been searching for.
You can finally stop searching and really start enjoying your Big Dream.
It's time to do this!

We'll dig for the treasure in your life together.
And of course I can give you plenty of time-tested suggestions
to create a knockout winning film or video to go with your vision.
I will help guide you to discover your winning beliefs.

On this call together, we will create an enormous focus with
a clear productive plan for your success

I encourage you to master your dream and live the life you desire
with every second filled with your true purpose. Let's get you on
track and create the right plan to help you unlock the
special power that YOU have within.
My dream is to help you get over that line of success and
reach your dreams as soon as possible.

When you are ready to get started,
email whitewingv@yahoo.com for details.

I would be thrilled to help you break through!
Love and blessings,

Terri Marie

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Some people sweep things under the rug when things get difficult
or they don't want to deal with something unpleasant.
They think no one will notice,
but it is really hard not to trip over a bumpy rug.

Instead of trying to make a deal with what makes you uncomfortable -
just deal with it. Problems swept under the rug tend to multiply.
It seems as though time expands problems the longer those problems are avoided.

I heard a story long ago that if you need to learn something,
or a lesson in life, first life sends you a gentle whisper, a hint.
Next life send you a brick.
Then, if you still don't get it... life send you a Mack truck,

Unfortunately to say, I've had the Mack Truck.
It's not pretty but I won't do that again.
I've learned to listen to the hints and suggestions of
the universe
before I get clobbered.

I've also learned that the quicker you handle things,
the quicker they are over
. Gone. Ka put.

So my best advice when things get really uncomfortable
is to deal with them now.

Here are 3 Suggestions for When You Want
to Sweep Something Under the Rug:

1. Ask "What am I avoiding?"
If you want something to go away, you are avoiding something
that you think might be painful. Just being aware of that pain
can bring relief. Just "seeing" it is no longer avoiding it.

2. Ask if this type of scenario has happened before?
What would it take to keep it from happening again?
A different decision?
A different action?
A different choice.?
A different response?
Note the word "different" has to be there to be effective.

3. Be brutally honest. Ask "What am I afraid to say, or do?"
Answer this question and you most likely will have your answer.

Having no messes "under the rugs" is a great way
to free up energy in your life.
You'll be much better able to reach your goals.
No more tripping up your life.
You'll walk on a much smoother path to success.

Get rid of the broom.
Let life itself sweep you off your feet!

Terri Marie

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hidden Treasures

The world continues to astonish me.
Having traveled around the beautiful Southwest
and Coast of California in between a
huge series of business meetings,
I found myself awed, astonished and refreshed.

This beautiful photo was taken along Hwy. 101
in the fog.
If my battery hadn't been used up
by all the other great shots I was taking
I would have shared a video with you.

What intrigues me is most people drive
right by this place!

Is there something in your life that you
are "Driving right by?"
Our greatest treasures
are usually right under our noses.

And that is often the last place we look.

There are 3 ways to find a hidden treasure in your life.

1. You Have to Be Open to Knowing What You Love.

If you really look within, you KNOW what turns you on.

You KNOW what gives you a high on life

You KNOW what makes you special because of
how you appreciate this trait in yourself.

2. Ask for Directions.

I had to ask a forest ranger about the above site
along the road. That's why I have that beautiful
shot above of the waterfall. But to see a hidden
treasure inside you, you may have to ask yourself
what it is.

You may have to ask God, or a friend,
but ask.
Ask what your gift is.
Ask what hidden treasures you are meant to see and
bring to life. When you go to a restaurant you ask
for food. When you go to the doctor you ask for treatment.
When you go for your dreams, ask the person,
or Source at the highest level you can.

3. Pay Attention.

When you ask, an answer is always given.
Sometimes it appears hidden in clues.
Sometimes it is clear directions on what to do.
But whatever it is, pay attention after you have asked,
because the answer is right there.
Staring you in the face.
And that my friend is your hidden treasure.

When you find a hidden treasure in your own life,
you too will be awed.
You will be astonished and grateful.
And that hidden treasure will refresh you beyond compare.

May you take at least one of the steps this week
and allow yourself to see that beautiful hidden
treasure inside.
And then please share it.
We love to see the treasure within others.

Your friend,

Terri Marie

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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Waiting Game is Over

My mother is blind.
She told me the hardest thing about being blind is having to wait.
She has to wait for someone to read something to her.
She has to wait for people to take her places.
She can't just drive to the store anymore whenever she wants to go.

My mom can see just a teeny bit out of the corner of her eye
with a magnifying glass. But then my mom's magnifying glass broke.
It's not only the loss of vision then that becomes a problem.
Thinking of something that needs to be done, and being able to
immediately do something about it, is not an option for her.
My mom has to wait.

When my dad looked at my mother's magnifying glass,
he discovered it needed batteries. Now my mom had to
wait again for my dad to go to the store because of course
my mom can't drive anymore.

Well, I take that back.
She can still drive.
She just can't see where she's going.

Look at all the lessons my mother is learning.
There are so many gifts she is building in herself.
My mother isn't very pleased with learning these
particular lessons, but I think her soul is very pleased with her.

She is learning:


Respecting other people's time

Interdependence. (This is from a very independent woman
who packed five kids in a car and took them cross-country and back by herself.)

Faith. My mother is learning that each situation will eventually resolve itself

Resourcefulness. My mom has to do something else in the meantime.

I told mom that this goes on all the time in business.
For instance, I told her that I'll make a phone call.
Then I'll often have to wait for someone to return it.
Perhaps I need a product or a part or a service.
Now I have to wait until someone can deliver it.
If I need to do an interview and can't get it done
on my schedule, I end up waiting until it does work out.

Life isn't totally a Burger King, have-it-your-way Day.
The ride of life is sometimes smooth. But sometimes life
appears to be on a siesta break. Don't worry about it.

Waiting in the line of life can be fun.
You get to do other things than what you planned.
Maybe those things are even better than what you had planned.
Maybe life is telling you that you are working too hard.
Do something else. Your turn will come again.
Things usually come even quicker that way.

I have found that when you get a "waiting" signal there
is a great gift,
"waiting" for you, just like when you had to
wait for your Christmas gifts on Christmas morning.
Once you get the message of the "wait", life usually picks up and flows again.

Let me give you an example.
Things are going along fine in life.
Then life stops. No matter what you do, or try,
life doesn't seem to want to go in that direction.
It appears to be stalled.

You've Got 2 Choices

1. Life doesn't WANT you to go in that direction. Of course you could try anyway.
I, however, having tried doing that - fighting life's natural direction and guidance -
found it does not work very well. I would NOT recommend it.

2. You wait until life gets all the things it's working on in place.
Then you can go ahead and get green lights all the way.

The trouble with waiting is that you don't know how long you'll have to wait.
When you first start waiting, the waiting doesn't appear to have an end.
But I guess if waiting had a time limit, it wouldn't be waiting;
it would be a schedule. If you knew someone was going to call
you back on Thursday at 3:00PM, you'd go about life and
not worry about it. I'd say, knowing that it's all being orchestrated,
just go about life anyway.

Don't wait. Live full now.
When the time is right, the "awaited" thing arrives as it should.



Terri Marie

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